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​Return to Wholeness offers both beaded bracelets and necklaces with healing focal points and amulet stones.


 Healing focal stone necklaces are made with various stones including agate, obsidian, jasper, quartz, and white bone.

Please see Sukhala bracelets to read about the healing qualities of each stone.

Available in 17" and 26" lengths.

Necklaces $29 - $49 depending on length and type of gemstone.

To make a purchase, please contact me here.


Gemstone focal beads courtesy of W. Ross Banks, lapidary.

Sukhala Necklaces

Agate & Carnelian
Agate & Carnelian
Moss Agate, African Jade & Carved Bone
India Agate, White Jade & Carved Bone
Red Creek Jasper, China
Moss Agate & Glass
Obsidian & Silver
Carved Bone, Petrified Wood & Amethyst
Picasso Jasper & Onyx
India Agate, Petrified Wood, Tiger Eye & Glass
Leopard Jasper & Glass
Snowflake Obsidian & Silver
Brazilian  Agate & Jasper
Carved Bone, 
Dzi Agate, 
African Jade
& Sandalwood
Jasper, Petrified Wood, Glass
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