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Eye & Sleep Pillows

All natural eye and sleep pillows provide a completely restful experience!


Try one for whenever you need a relaxing moment!

Pillow sets include a pillow of 100% unbleached cotton and a 100% cotton cover, in one of many beautiful batik patterns.  In its variations, batik expresses the indescribable diversity of life.

These pillows are filled with flax seed and three combinations of herbs to reduce anxiety, improve sleep and relieve pain:

Lightly Lavender, Lively Lavender, and Herbal Flax.

Pillows come in two sizes:


Eye Pillow: 4" x 8.5" that fits comfortably over the eyes for enhanced rest and relaxation! Set $10, extra covers $3


Sleep Pillow: 8" x 9.5" that can be used on the body, under the body - anywhere that's comfortable - for enhanced sleep! Set $20, extra covers $5

Resting Eye Pillows - Pastels
Eye Pillows - Warm Tones
Eye Pillows - Cool Tones
Eye Pillows - Brights
Eye Pillows - Earth Tones
Eye Pillows

Sleep Pillows

The Sleep Pillow combines flax seed with lavender for relaxation, red clover for deep breathing, and mugwort for enhanced dreams.

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Flax Seed: Soothes tired eyes; and calms the mind.


Lavender Bud: Reduces anxiety; improves sleep and relieves pain.


Lemon Balm: Relieves stress and anxiety; helps with insomnia;

promotes good digestion.


Mugwort: Reduces anxiety and depression; boosts energy; helps with stomach and digestion; promotes retention of dreams.


Raspberry Leaf: Harmonizes digestion; and helps with women's health.

Red Clover: Enhances sleep; helps with respiration; and promotes women's health.

Lao woman carding cotton on wool of hous

Lao woman carding cotton on roof of house, Hua Phan Province

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