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Reflexology is a ritual. It returns you to a place of equilibrium, a time of harmony, and the radiance of happiness.

Reflexology is the practice of opening up the whole body by working on the feet. The foot acts as a map of the person, and is made up of "reflexes" that correspond to the regions, organs, and glands of the body. By using the thumbs, fingers, and palms of the hand, the practitioner works the top, bottom, and sides of each foot to balance, harmonize, and energize the areas of the body, and to bring it

back to homeostasis.

Reflexology gives you a lightness and clarity of being, a return to wholeness, vitality, and awareness.

The Return to Wholeness practice focuses primarily on the foot.  It opens up the five zones, corresponding to the five toes, and specific areas such as sinuses, neck, shoulders, chest, stomach, gastrointestinal tract, and pelvic region.  The practice begins with relaxation, starting with the right foot and moving to the left.  Care is taken to pay attention to specific areas as needed.


Some clients report relief from such things as sinus congestion and nausea, and pain in the shoulder, lower back, hip, knee, and foot.  Many report overall sensations of relaxation and well being.

Feel the rejuvenation of Reflexology!
"It's like standing in a warm, bubbling mountain stream." WRB
"No aches at all now! I felt very relaxed, very comfortable from the beginning." AG
"There were many instances during the session when I could feel myself drifting towards an alpha state, kind of a feeling of floating...I really enjoyed the feeling that came when the pressure on the bottom of my feet was slowly reduced and it felt like I was being lowered down." JY

Egyptian Reflexology Treatment

International Institute of Reflexology


Wall painting from the tomb of Ankhmahor,

"Vizier, First under the King, Overseer of the Great House,"

Saqqara, early 6th dynasty, about 2330 BCE,

known as the Physician's tomb.


Translation reads "Don't hurt me."

The practitioner's reply "I shall act so you praise me."

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