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Sukhala Bracelets

These “happiness” bracelets draw from the traditional Indian practice of prayer and meditation beads in mala ("garland") loops of 108 beads.  Garlands of beads, like words or syllables, inspire and transform, as the wearer's energy moves through the stones and back giving healing and inspiration. 


We offer a variety of beaded bracelets, necklaces, and amulets and, normally, work with specialty orders.

Bracelets $25 each or 3 for $65. To make a purchase, please contact me here.


This material is taken from various web and print sources dedicated to the meaning of healing stones.

Sample Combinations

Women's Bracelet Bunches (6mm beads: unless otherwise noted)

Greek Patina
Matte Quartz

Red Agate, Greek Patina

Dzi Beads, Tiger Sandalwood

Turquoise Sky, Jasper, Sandalwood

Dzi Agate Beads, Red Jasper, Nuts (10mm beads)


Dzi beads, Sandalwood, Greek Patina

Turquoise, Onyx (8mm beads)

Nuts, various (10mm beads)

Greek Patina (6mm & 8mm beads)

Onyx, Snowflake Obsidian (8mm beads)

Picture Jasper, Onyx, Leopardskin Jasper

Raku Ceramic, Greek Patina (6mm & 8mm beads)

Petrified Wood, Bone, Sandalwood, Tigerskin Jasper (6mm & 8mm beads)

Tree Agate, Sky Jasper

Lapis Lazuli, Sponge Coral

Glass and Ceramic

Sandalwood, Amethyst, Dzi beads, Dark Purple

Strawberry Quartz, Amethyst, Dzi Beads (8mm beads)

Raku Ceramic (8mm beads)

Lapis Lazuli, White Jade, Crystal Quartz, Druzy Stone (8mm beads)

Sandalwood, White Jade

Coral, Lapis Lazuli, African Jade, Turquoise, White Jade

Sky Jasper, Tiger Sandalwood

Unakite, Tiger sandalwood

Tree Agate, African Jade

Amethyst, Sky Jasper, Greek Patina

Amethyst, Sandalwood

Red Agate, Cream Quartz

Green Aventurine, Cream Quartz

Men's Bracelet Bunches (8mm beads: unless otherwise noted)

Onyx, Sandalwood, Druzy Stones

Etched bone (8mm & 10mm) Cream & Strawberry Quartz (8mm beads )

Petrified Wood, Sandalwood, Dzi Beads

Onyx, Snowflake Obsidian

Picture Jasper, Dzi Agate, Red Agate

Petrified Wood, Sandalwood, Golden Tiger Eye

Healing Stones


for strength, inner stability, balance, composure, self-confidence, self-acceptance, a clear mind, eloquence, loving, giving courage; zodiac stone for Capricorn, Gemini, Scorpio; comes in different colors


for transformation, strengthening intentions, maintaining balance, flowing smoothly, increasing creative expression; zodiac stone for Virgo


for protection, calming, cleansing, transformation, happiness, spiritual awareness, strengthening imagination and intuition, meditation, overcoming additions; zodiac stone for Aquarius, Aries, Pisces, Sagittarius


for unconditional love, acceptance of others, use in relationships with difficult people and in practice of perception of other dimensions


for expression of inner truths, self-expression, developing psychic powers, the "courage stone" against fears and stress; zodiac stone for Pisces


for harmony, balance, relief of stress, calming negative emotions, arising of joy and well-being, creativity, originality, luck in money matters


for boosting courage, self-confidence and determination, action and motion, support in performance, encouraging the power of true expression, childlike playfulness and spontaneity; zodiac stone for Cancer, Leo, Taurus

Chrome Diopside

for protection from negative thoughts, support of the intellect, alleviating aggression and stubbornness, enhancing emotions of love and commitment, peace and tranquility; a visualization stone


(red sponge coral) for health benefits, return of lost energy, motivation, determination, self-trust, control of emotions, protection (especially for children)

Crystal Quartz

for balance, purity, meditation, clairvoyance, harmonizing spaces

Dzi Agate

(tibetan beads) for protection and healing; decorative symbols of circles, ovals, squares, waves, zigzags, blessing beads, often thought to carry the karma of the wearer


for energy, courage, overcoming negative habits, creativity, rejuvenating energy, constancy, truth, guidance through the darkness; zodiac stone for Aquarius, Capricorn, Leo, Virgo


for prosperity, abundance, wealth, longevity, harmony of body, mind, spirit, concentration, development of psychic potential and personal truths; a guiding stone for journeys; a powerful healing stone; comes in several colors


for stimulation, enhancement of stamina and endurance, nourishing life force (chi), health, passion, courage in encountering difficulties; comes in several colors

Lapis Lazuli

for insight and spiritual transformation, self-expression, awareness, introspection, calming the mind, developing intuition and wisdom, opening to the spirit world and shamanic journeying; remedy for migraines and headaches; zodiac stone for Pisces, Sagittarius

Mother of Pearl

for matters relating to the heart, the intellect, and warm relationships with others, relief from stress, enhancing communication skills and self-expression, discovering hidden potentials, inner wisdom; zodiac stone for Pisces


(snowflake obsidian) for help in understanding others, clairvoyance, contact with spiritual world, overcoming negative thoughts; zodiac sign for Sagittarius


for protection, decision making, control over passion and emotions, strengthening confidence, support in difficult times, stamina, harmonious relationships; zodiac sign for Leo

Petrified Wood

for security, balancing energies, elimination of worries

Rose Quartz

for giving and receiving love, energy to overcome sorrow, fear and resentment, increasing self-esteem; the stone of unconditional love; zodiac stone for Cancer, Taurus

Sea Sediment Jasper

for stability, protection, emotional healing, peace, clarity, love, compassion; helps align physical and "light" bodies

Tiger Eye

for power, living with integrity, motivation, overcoming fear and anxiety, protection against negativity, unlocking hidden talents, self-empowerment, abundance, good luck, practical matters


(black) for protection, self-confidence, full concentration, clarity of purpose, purification, dispelling negativity, guarding against environmental pollutants, radiating light in obscure situations; zodiac stone for Capricorn, Libra


for protection, shielding against adversaries, abundance, tranquility, self-knowledge, meditation, calmness; zodiac sign for Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio

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