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nourishing necessities


Aaron is a teacher, healer, and activist who finds benefit in the fusion of Asian and American lifestyles.  He studied and practices martial arts, yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, calisthenics, holistic nutrition, massage therapy, reiki, and mystical alchemy.  He is well versed in the five elemental theories of Chinese medicine, and has studied Tai Chi and tea in central China.  His spiritual practice draws from many sources, mainly Chinese, Indian, native North American, and Hawaiian forms of shamanism.  His practical application of the esoteric is active compassion through conscious economics, environmental awareness, human rights, and food justice.


Rigorous yet flexible, customized programs for groups and individuals combine yoga and Tai Chi techniques.


Drawing on reiki, shamanic, and massage techniques, after each session you'll emerge a new and happier person.

"All encompassing life coach customized programs for holistic health."

"I have attended many yoga classes, but Aaron Weston is in a category by himself as a teacher. Each session is unique; full of wisdom, compassion, and gracefulness! Each time we come out transformed, lighter on our feet and full of joy. He is unparalleled as a massage therapist as well. Do yourself a favor and book a class or massage." EF

"Aaron puts his heart and soul into all of the services he provides. This in turn leaves you feeling open and nourished in a truly life changing way. Whether it be yoga, Thai, therapeutic massage or energy work, I leave feeling refreshed and changed just a little bit more for the better." JG

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