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Opening your feet, your body,
your spirit, to their natural
strength, vitality & resourcefulness

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Reflexology Practice

"I just have this blissed out feeling! I feel balanced and refreshed. A very enjoyable experience!" SD

Touch calms, heals, and connects.

It is the basic sense and, in the Indian tradition, it is the sense that moves continuously and unbroken across the round of lives.

Through the amazing power of touch, reflexology makes us aware of self and other, restores and repairs our sensibilities, and brings tranquility to our everyday lives.

Close-up of young woman having reflexolo
 The body remembers wholeness, because its natural state is whole.

Please call to schedule an appointment.


About Elli

Elli Findly is a certified reflexologist trained in the Laura Norman method, with a background in religion and culture of India and China, and in Southeast Asian shamanism.

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"My experience was one of great warmth; it made me feel wonderful. I felt a nice energy flowing up and down." SW
"I feel great! I always feel good after a session. I feel like I can walk on water!" AG
"This is such a great treatment, I feel much better than before. This was fabulous! I feel so relaxed." SD
"Can I just stay here the rest of the afternoon?" LR
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