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Top: Kirkagash, Turkey; photo – Fatih Altasov on Unsplash


Bottom: Mae Sot, Thailand; photo – Peter Hershey on Unsplash


About page


Photo – Mark Hennessey


Feet page


Photo – Tucker Good on Unsplash


Face and Ears page


New Delhi India; photo – Julie Johnson on Unsplash


Sesssions page


Hands:  Shivashakti School of Yoga and Healing arts, Tamil Nadu website


Face and Ears:  old lady,


Packages: India; photo – Nomadruss,


Forms page


Top: Swayambhu Stupa, Kathmandu; photo – Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash


Health Intake: Wix Stock Image Gallery


Release Authorization: Wix Stock Image Gallery


Disclaimer:  Wix Stock Image Gallery


Sukhala Bracelet page


Photo - Sosereybot Kry on Unsplash


Sukhala Necklace page


Eastern Tibet; photo – Matthieu Ricard


Mala Beads page


Children at a Harvest Festival, Tibet; photo –


All remaining photos are from Ellison Findly

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Laura Vacca at Creative Mess Designs 

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